Rodman Employment Law Triumphs in David vs. Goliath Trial Win: Rodriguez v. Atrius Health, Inc.


The jury delivered a verdict on Friday, August 18, 2023, in Rodriguez v. Atrius Health, Inc. We’re proud to announce that our team at Rodman Employment Law, a boutique firm of four dedicated attorneys, clinched a monumental victory against Atrius Health, Inc. represented by Mirick O’Connell, DeMallie & Lougee, LLP.

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2023)

Rodman Employment Law Triumphs in David vs. Goliath Trial Win

The Case at Hand 

Our client, Diana Rodriguez, MD, a devoted Maternal Fetal Medicine physician, courageously brought a lawsuit against her former employer, Atrius Health, Inc., alleging retaliation under the Massachusetts Healthcare Whistleblower Act. This act stands as a protective shield for healthcare providers, prohibiting retaliation against those who step forward to report or file complaints about unsafe, dangerous or potentially dangerous care. 

Dr. Rodriguez, with her unwavering commitment to patient safety, raised concerns about her supervisor’s practices. Instead of addressing these valid concerns, Atrius Health retaliated, leading to the unjust termination of Dr. Rodriguez’s employment. 

Facing the Legal Titans 

In court, Dr. Rodriguez was represented by our Partners, Attorneys Chuck Rodman, Michael V. Parras, Jr. and Samuel J. Miller.   

The two-week jury trial took place at Suffolk Superior in the Business Litigation Section, with the docket number Suffolk Superior Court, Civil Action No. 19-00251-BLS2. 

Our Moment of Victory 

After an exclusive jury trial over more than two weeks, the jury, recognizing the merits of Dr. Rodriguez’s claims, delivered a verdict in her favor. They found Atrius Health had indeed retaliated against Dr. Rodriguez, in violation of the Massachusetts Healthcare Whistleblower Act, and awarded Dr. Rodriguez a significant $2.8 million in damages, comprised of $1.3 million in backpay damages and $1.5 million in emotional distress damages. Additionally, Dr. Rodriguez is entitled to interest, costs, and reasonable attorneys’ fees. 

A Collective Effort 

While the courtroom witnessed the relentless efforts of our Attorneys Chuck Rodman, Michael V. Parras, Jr., and Samuel J. Miller, we must acknowledge the many individuals on our team working diligently behind the scenes. Their collective dedication played a pivotal role in securing justice for Dr. Rodriguez. 

The Rodriguez v. Atrius trial win is not just a testament to our legal prowess at Rodman Employment Law but also a shining beacon of how dedication, passion, and a commitment to justice can level the playing field, regardless of the size of the opponent. This victory serves as a heartening reminder that with the right strategy, expertise, and determination, even the “David’s” can triumph against the “Goliaths.”

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