Quick Consult

Save time and money with 30 minutes of focused legal advice.

Looking for a quick answer to your employment law questions? Not sure where to start? Need advice but aren’t sure about a long-term engagement or litigation?

Rodman Employment Law Quick Consults are exactly what you need. During your confidential, 30-minute consultation, you will receive feedback from one of our attorneys on your employment issue(s) that will provide you with a better understanding of what you need to do to achieve your goals.

What Do I Get?

Your 30-minute consult will help you determine if you truly need a lawyer. Ask questions. Talk about alternatives. See if your issues should be pursued legally. If a lawyer is needed, we can help you plan next steps to advance your case and protect your interests.

During your confidential, 30-minute consultation, you will have the undivided attention of an experienced employment lawyer, who handles cases centered around:

If possible, our attorneys will review any documentation you send to us in advance of your 30-minute consultation. You should come prepared with questions (more on this below) and an understanding of what you hope to get out of your 30-minutes. We strive to answer your questions and provide insight on your case.

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How Much Does It Cost?

A 30-minute consultation costs $275 and can be paid by check, eCheck, and all major credit cards.

The Process is Simple

  1. Enter your details in the contact form.
  2. Check your email, you will receive a special link to complete our intake form.
  3. We will contact you to set up your appointment and arrange payment.

How To Prepare

The first thing you should do is to write a list of questions you would ideally like to have answered on the call. It’s not a requirement, but it will be helpful to use your questions as a guide for our discussion with you. Also, if you have documents or communications to review, please send those materials in advance of the call.

What Happens After

At the end of your Quick Consult, you can expect to understand your legal options.  There are four typical outcomes to a Quick Consult:

  • You feel like your questions have been answered and no further action is necessary.
  • You get a list of action items to help you pursue your legal case and decide later whether you need our continued support.
  • You are offered a full engagement with our firm.
  • You receive a referral to an attorney better suited to handle your unique situation.

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