Why should my company hire Rodman Employment

Rodman Employment Law’s skilled team provides expert representation guided by our clients’ unique objectives. Grounded in the personal, empathetic relationships we build with each client, we are unapologetically persistent as we pursue their goals. We are both compassionate coaches in helping you navigate stressful employment situations and aggressive advocates in representing your interests. Our team is proud to work with some of the Boston area’s top minds in the medicine, biotechnology, pharma, technology, and law fields.

Does Rodman Employment Law represent employers and employees?

Yes, our team is experienced in handling employment law issues on both sides. We represent employers in litigating claims, drafting employment documents such as employee handbooks, non-compete agreements, termination letters, and severance agreements, navigating compliance with applicable Massachusetts employment laws, and more. We work with employees to educate them on their legal options, advance their legal claims, and review and negotiate employment documents, including NDAs, non-competes, severance agreements and more.

May I schedule a consultation to discuss my situation?

Absolutely! We offer confidential 30-minute Quick Consults for $275. During this session, one of our attorneys will provide feedback on your employment issue(s) to give you a better understanding of the next steps to reach your objectives

Is everything I discuss with you confidential?

Rodman Employment Law takes confidentiality seriously. You can rest assured that your privacy will be upheld by everyone on our team, not just our lawyers.  

If you take me on as a client, what is the average time frame for resolving a claim?

As there are numerous variables involved, including you, your lawyers, the other side, their lawyers and the Court, time frames differ greatly from case to case.  Some situations may be resolved in a matter of months prior to litigation.  For cases that go to trial, we can expect the process to last 2-3 years or more.

Who is your typical employer client?

While every client has their own unique needs, our employer clients are typically small businesses which are big enough to have employees, but not so big that they need their own, dedicated, in-house counsel. We represent employers in many industries, including insurance, healthcare, retail, technology, and many others.  Sometimes our clients need help on an on-going, ad hoc basis dealing with employment law issues that arise; others utilize our litigation services in the defense of legal claims.

I need to terminate an employee, but I am concerned about a lawsuit. Can you help with that?

Yes! It is a good idea to be planful when making employment decisions, especially if you have reason to believe that legal claims may exist, whether valid or in the mind of the employee.

My company has been sued. What should I do?

You need legal counsel ASAP as there are important deadlines you must adhere to in order to protect the company’s rights. Please contact us to arrange a consult.