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Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination


Wrongful Termination

Massachusetts is an at-will state which means that employers can terminate your employment for almost any reason at almost any time. Almost. Some Massachusetts employers have contracted employees rather than at-will employees. State and federal laws prohibit an employer from terminating an employee for unlawful reasons – such as for being a member of a protected class or engaging in protected activities

A claim for wrongful termination can also arise when an employer violates the terms of an employment contract.  These claims can carry short and strict time limitations. We urge you to consult with one of our attorneys today if you believe you have been or will be wrongfully terminated.

Overview of Massachusetts Wrongful Termination Laws

Employers can lawfully terminate your employment due to company cutbacks, layoffs, poor performance, and disciplinary issues, all of which may be valid and legitimate. Citing these as reasons may also be an attempt to legitimize a wrongful termination. Whether you’re a contracted employee or an at-will employee, wrongful termination may be actionable under federal or Massachusetts law if you were fired for such discriminatory reasons as:

  • Age;
  • Disability;
  • Sex, including pregnancy and similar medical conditions;
  • Color;
  • National origin;
  • Race;
  • Religion or creed;
  • Marital Status;
  • Sexual Orientation;
  • Gender Identity;
  • Criminal Record; or
  • Other characteristics as designated by law.
Regardless of what your termination letter states, if you suspect you’ve been wrongfully terminated, please reach out to an employment attorney. It is never too early to consult on wrongful termination. (Even if you haven’t been fired yet!) Our attorneys will be able to give you the guidance needed to properly document what you’re going through so that you may act on your claim if you choose to do so.

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Retaliation and Wrongful Termination

Federal and Massachusetts law also protects you from being terminated in retaliation for engaging in certain protected activities, such as:

  • Asserting a legal right, such as filing a wage claim;
  • Refusing to engage in illegal activity at the request of your employer;
  • Cooperating in an investigation against your employer;
  • Filing a claim for harassment;
  • Requesting accommodations for religious purposes or a disability;
  • Filing a claim for workers’ compensation; or,
  • Other protected activities.
If you believe that you have been terminated, or are about to be terminated, for discriminatory reasons or in retaliation for engaging in protected activities, please call us to book a consultation.

When to Contact a Lawyer

You should reach out to an experienced wrongful termination lawyer as soon as you are fired, or believe you may be fired, for illegal reasons.  The lawyer you speak with will be able to advise you on all applicable deadlines for acting on your claim.

Wrongful Termination Resources & Links

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Discuss Your Case with a Massachusetts Wrongful Termination Lawyer

With such a complicated landscape of rules governing claims and other legal options, you cannot put your legal rights at risk by attempting to represent yourself in a Massachusetts wrongful termination matter. Our attorneys at Rodman Employment Law are dedicated to protecting your interests and seeking a resolution in your favor in an employment dispute. Our knowledgeable attorneys can help you navigate the complicated process involved in pursuing a wrongful termination claim, including filing with the relevant agencies or suing in court.

At Rodman Employment Law, we are proud to offer solid legal representation that is customized for your needs, and we have more than 70 years of combined experience in employment matters. Please call 617-820-5250 to reach our office with questions about your situation or to schedule a consultation.