Sexual Harassment at the Holiday Party: Virtual Edition

Virtual office holiday parties can be a fun way to get to celebrate the season while working remotely. Even though many company parties are virtual this year, sexual harassment can still occur. What does sexual harassment at the virtual holiday party look like? What should you do if you have experienced it?

Firm Attorneys Named to the 2020 MA Super Lawyers List

We are pleased to announce that three Rodman Employment Law attorneys have been selected to the 2020 Massachusetts Super lawyers list:

  • Chuck Rodman, partner at Rodman Employment Law, has been selected to the 2020 Massachusetts Super Lawyers list.
  • Elisa A. Filman, partner, has been selected to the 2020 Massachusetts Rising Stars list. 
  • Michael V. Parras, Jr., a partner, is enjoying his first selection this year to 2020 Massachusetts Super Lawyers list.

Interviewing During COVID-19

Interviewing for a new job was stressful before the pandemic. Post-COVID, some forms of discrimination may become more pervasive, and it is critical for prospective employees to understand their rights and the remedies available if they experience discriminatory behavior during an interview. If you are interviewing for a new job or a new position during the COVID-19 era, your prospective employer is not allowed to ask you discriminatory questions.

Filing a Complaint with HR: What Employees Need to Know

If you have faced any kind of unlawful discrimination or harassment at work, or if your employer has violated wage and hour laws or workplace safety laws, you may need to file a complaint with HR. What goes in a complaint? What pitfalls should an employee be aware of?

Wearing Masks at Work

In Massachusetts, everyone must wear a mask when social distancing is not possible. Masks can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace from others who have it, including those who are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic and may not realize they can transmit the virus. If you have returned to work during the pandemic, it is important to know what your rights are if others are not wearing masks in your workplace and what you should do if you cannot wear one for medical reasons.

COVID-19 Layoff Severance Agreements: 3 Things to Consider

If you are one of the nearly 17 million people who filed for unemployment insurance benefits since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, you know firsthand the impact of the mass layoffs. Some of those laid off received severance offers from their employers as part of their separation from employment. While there are always important things to know before signing a severance offer, and considerations to make when negotiating a separation, the mass layoffs associated with COVID-19 alter the playing field. Watch this video to learn what 3 things to consider before signing your COVID-19 Severance Agreement.

What is Employment Law?

Through coaching and advocacy, we ensure that our clients have the support they need as they go through difficult times at work. Whether you are going through some type of discrimination in the workplace, are not being paid the wages/commissions that you earned, or believe that Pay Equity laws are being broken, it is important for you to call an employment lawyer to investigate.

Human Resources

Sometimes, HR does not work for employees. While they may be helpful to you in some cases, HR departments really work for the employer. Their interest generally aligns more with their employers’ interest than it does with yours. It is often helpful to have a mediator step in to help resolve the problems you’re presented with.

Your Reputation

One of the most valuable things we can protect for you is your reputation. We often receive requests that ask how peace can be achieved between the client and their employer. It can be difficult to tell a client what an employer’s reaction will be when they receive a lawyer’s letter. Our role is to coach the client during the seek for peace, but often times it cannot be achieved and we have to do everything we can to protect our client’s reputation while the dispute gets resolved.


While discrimination is less overt in today’s day and age, there are cases in which subtle stereotyping can occur. When there is a discrimination dispute at hand, it is always best to get a lawyer involved to ensure that you’re being adequately compensated.


Trying to diagnose a legal claim on your own is a difficult task. If you’re experiencing stress in the workplace, we will sit down with you to identify your legal claim and talk about the objective. 

Why Rodman?

We started Rodman Employment Law to represent the needs of employees who have been displaced from work, or recognized that they were going to be displaced from work and realized that they needed advocacy. At Rodman Employment Law, we have a team of lawyers who take a collaborative approach and strategize together. Our mission is to help clients and to educate the marketplace.

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