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Camryn Ward

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Camryn Ward - Legal Intern

Camryn Ward is a legal intern at Rodman Employment Law and junior majoring in sociology at Wellesley College. She has a strong passion for legal and justice theory and can’t wait to explore that passion in partnership with Rodman Employment Law this semester.

At Rodman Employment Law, she has been shadowing our attorneys as a way to get a unique introduction into the legal field and gain some insights into what it means to be an attorney. Additionally, Camryn will be conducting an independent study in partnership with Wellesley’s sociology department that focuses on the sociology of justice. She will be critically analyzing the tensions between social theories of justice and the manifestation of those systems in the American legal justice system.

Camryn will be assessing how justice is thought of, sought, and implemented as it pertains to Massachusetts employment discrimination. She aims for this independent study to be a jumping off point for an eventual senior year thesis that will take a wider outlook on the sociological critique of justice.