Rodman Employment Law Named to Top and Trusted Employment Lawyers of 2023 in the Boston Area List


Our firm recently ranked on Expertise.com's Top and Trusted Employment Lawyers of 2023 in the Boston Area list! 

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2022)

Expertise.com Best Employment Lawyers

We’re thrilled to announce one of Rodman Employment Law’s latest accolades for the year as we continue our employment law cases. Our firm recently ranked on Expertise.com’s Top and Trusted Employment Lawyers of 2023 in the Boston Area list! 

With more than 50 years of combined experience, the Rodman Employment Law team has been helping employers and employees in Massachusetts navigate employment law issues including wage disputes, FMLA violations, workplace retaliation, severance package negotiations, harassment, discrimination, and more. Our team has an established a reputation for supporting employers and employees alike in their employment law cases. Our firm is uniquely positioned to represent both employers and employees.  

The exclusivity of this list testifies to the excellence of Rodman Employment Law. This year’s ranking was compiled after the Expertise.com team researched and thoroughly reviewed 242 firms in the Boston area based on the following selection criteria: availability, qualifications, reputation, experience, and professionalism.  

Once the initial list of firms was compiled, the Expertise.com team validated each business’s qualifications and analyzed their reputations based on public records. The team then narrowed down the contenders to a list of finalists based on factors such as industry experience, their range of services, and legal specialty. To arrive at the final roundup, the Expertise.com team employed mystery shoppers to pose as potential customers. Each business was then ranked on their courtesy, expertise, and professionalism.  

Considering that just 19 firms were chosen out of the 242 that were reviewed, Rodman Employment Law’s ranking on the list is a special honor. Please join us as we congratulate our team on this achievement as we look forward to sharing more exciting news in 2023! 

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