Rodman Employment Law is the Boston area’s premier choice for employment law counsel. With over 50 years of combined law experience, our team is uniquely poised to represent both management and employees in all manner of employment law issues, including onboarding, contract review, HR compliance, and disputes, up to and including litigation.

Executives and business owners trust Rodman Employment Law with their employment law matters because of our distinctive vantage point. Our attorneys understand the employment law landscape from both sides, translating to calculated, efficient, and holistic representation. We are selective, representing only those clients that we believe in. We’re always on the right side.

Why Choose Rodman Employment Law?

Client-collaboration is key. Our firm’s highly talented and experienced employment lawyers will work to determine your individual goals and pursue them vigorously. Our unrelenting desire to win is what drives our success. Our experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in complex litigation provides unique insights into what motivates opponents in court and during settlement negotiations.

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Compliance, Litigation, and Beyond

Smart employers recognize that complying with employment laws is an investment in future success. Our attorneys appreciate that the employment law landscape is vast and growing and that having a trusted advisor in your corner is not only practical, but necessary. We help small to medium size businesses navigate the ever-changing legal environment from the ground up, mitigate risks, and provide advice and counsel on:

  • Onboarding, including Employment Agreements, Non-Competition/Non-Solicitation Clauses, Employee Handbooks
  • Disputes and investigations
  • Litigation, mediation, arbitration

If you have found yourself embroiled in litigation, your next move is crucial. From day one, our attorneys will develop a strategy to safeguard you and your business and leverage the opposition’s weaknesses.

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Employee Rights

When a violation of law has occurred, we are dedicated to fighting for employee rights in the workplace. Everyone deserves a safe work environment absent of discrimination. We represent a wide range of employment claims: from sexual harassment to wage disputes to wrongful termination. We assist our clients with issues arising from their onboarding or exit plan, such as Severance or Separation Agreements, Employment Agreements, Non-Competition/Non-Solicitation Clauses, and related negotiations.

As a boutique firm, we can offer cost-effective, flexible representation that adjusts to each client’s unique requirements. Our setting is ideal for understanding the personal objectives of our clients and the nuances of their case. We provide exceptional legal services while avoiding the unnecessary layers of the larger firms. You won’t get lost with us.

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Our Quick Consult service is designed to provide you with the advice you need quickly, efficiently, at a low-cost price point. Our experienced employment lawyers are able to provide advice on workplace disputes, employment agreements, and more.

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“Chuck is a great problem solver. He is detail oriented and a great communicator. One of his greatest attributes is his straight-forward approach in dealing with the law.”   Great Employment Attorney
“Chuck Rodman is one of the go-to litigators on my referral list. He’s a smart guy and straight shooter. When clients tell me, “We love Chuck. Thank you for sending us to him,” that’s a really positive recommendation.”     Great Employment Attorney
“Chuck has represented me and my clients in several matters. He has been very responsive and has obtained excellent results.”   Great Employment Attorney

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Adding Teeth to the Personnel Records Law

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Gender Identity and Employment Law: What You Need to Know

Gender Identity and Employment Law: What You Need to Know

By: Liam Hofmeister  In 2020, the Supreme Court officially recognized gender identity discrimination to be unlawful in Bostock v. Clayton County.  In Massachusetts employment law, however, gender identity has been protected since 2012. But what is gender identity, and...

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