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Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  It is a highly effective process used for resolving disputes can be deployed at any stage during the pendency of a matter.

Mediators are trained neutral third parties who assist the parties to the dispute in negotiating a workable resolution.  Although the mediator does the face-to-face negotiating, the parties themselves hold all the decision-making power – including whether to resolve the dispute, and on what terms.  The mediator does not make decisions about who or what is right or wrong, but rather, attempts to bring the parties together on a resolution which satisfies both considering the risks of not resolving the matter.  It is a fair, fast method for disposing of a matter.  Mediation can be effective before a case is filed, or at any time during litigation.

Rodman Employment Law is pleased to offer employment matter mediation services.

Attorney Chuck Rodman is a certified mediator, with over 20 years of litigation experience. His mediation practice focuses on employment law.

Mediations are booked for half day and full day sessions and are conducted either in person or by video conference.

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